MODERN EQUIPMENT FOR AGRICULTURAL WORKSOur company offer tillage services. Modern cultivation technology by No-Till. The work carries a special drill that removes stubble and embeds them into the soil. After this is done is done and furrow planting. Thus it produced crop with minimal damage to the soil surface. Mulch layer of crop residues better retains moisture and protects from wind erosion.

Residue is the foundation of natural humus, a catalyst processes. Humus increases the potential fertility of the soil. The traditional concept at deep plowing is best made weed control.Provide a full range of agricultural work on your farm. Our company is ready to perform any agricultural work. From plowing to harvesting. In addition, we carry out work in livestock farms and poultry farms.

We have a large fleet of agricultural machinery. Tractors of various power classes, harvesters with grain harvesters and corn header, plows, harrows, seeders, fertilizer spreaders. All equipment from world famous manufacturers – Klaas, John Deere, New Holland, Case.We guarantee fast and accurate performance of tasks in full. All work will be done exactly on schedule. Our specialists integrate the work in your production cycle.

Our equipment is in excellent working order. All work will be carried out at the planned pace. Primary treatment consists of the following techniques: peeling or butchering sod and plowing moldboard (with a turnover of formation) or subsurface, yet cultivation and subsoil loosening performed if necessary.As a result, your enterprise will operate at the highest level of efficiency. All land areas will be treated even under adverse weather conditions.

But in technology called No-Till mulch layer is a barrier to the germination of weeds. Soil preparation for planting using tillage equipment consists of a main and preplant soil.for machine tillage?